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Board of Directors

  Our Company is built on the foundations of integrity and the highest standards of ethics, and we always guarantee strict adherence to the legislation in force in all the countries where we operate. The structure and responsibilities of our Board of Directors, the Statement of Ethics and all the activities undertaken by the Company are in compliance with the best practices of Corporate Governance.

Our Board of Directors is charged with overseeing the management of the business.

Membership and frequency:

  • Members are appointed each year by the General Ordinary Shareholders' Assembly

  • Independent directors should make up a minimum of 25% of all directors

  • Minority shareholders, whose shares represent a minimum of 10% of owners’ equity for the Company, have the right to choose a Director and the corresponding Alternate Director, both of which may only be removed when the other members of Board of Directors are also removed

  • The Board of Directors meets at least four times a year

Primary responsibilities

  • Choosing the Chief Executive Officer

  • Acting as adviser/consultant for top management of the Company

  • Working actively with top management to develop overall strategies for the Company and any that the latter controls

  • Overseeing performance of Company officers

  • Approving information policies and communication with shareholders and the market

  • Ensuring that overall strategy is in line with the Company's principles of Corporate Responsibility

Other practices:

  • The Board evaluates the performance of each Director

  • Independent Directors are experienced in the main line of business of the Company

  • The Board has access to independent advisers

  • The Chairman of the Board is neither allowed to act as Secretary nor to preside over any Board Committees

The Board of Directors obtains the support of two Committees for its duties; said committees must conduct in-depth analysis of subjects pertaining to its field of expertise and offer recommendations to the Board so it may study the information and make the right decision, creating value for our shareholders and stakeholders.