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About us

Walmart de México y Centroamérica is a company dedicated to the commerce sector that operates in six countries:    Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and Nicaragua.

Our Vision

Contribute towards improving the quality of life for families in Mexico and Central America.

+239,000 asociates

4 business formats

Bodegas,  Hypermarkets,  Supermarkets,  Discount,  Sam´s Club

23 distribution center

623 cities

6 countries

Mexico, Costa Rica, El salvador,

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua

3,076 units

$562,577 millons sales

  • As of September 30, 2017

Presence and distribution


Business Formats

Our multiformat strategy allows us to serve different purchasing patterns within various socioeconomic levels.

  • Discount Warehouses and Discount Stores

    • Despensa familiar
    • Bodega Aurrera express
    • Pali
    • Maxi despensa
    • Mi bodega Aurrera
    • Bodega Aurrera
    • Maxi Palí

    Austere discount stores offering basic merchandise, food and household items at the best price.

    Value proposal: Price
    % of 2016 Walmex sales 44.8%
    Customer target D, E
    Cities* 607
    Operating units*
    México 1,782
    Central America 641
     SQ. FT. (average)SKUs (average)UnitsApporach
    45,000 32,000 496 Weekly shopping
    12,620 11,200 462 Small towns
    3,800 4,400 1,465 Fill-in trip
  • Hypermarkets

    • Walmart

    Stores providing the widest assortment of goods from groceries and fresh, to apparel and general merchandise

    Value proposal: Price and assortment
    % of 2016 Walmex Sales 27.6%
    SQ.FT. (average) 80,900
    SKUs 90,000
    Customer target B, C, D+
    Cities* 93
    Prototypes 4
    Operating units*
    México 266
    Centroamérica 28


  • Clubs

    • Sams club

    Membership Warehouse clubs focused on businesses and consumers who seek the best possible prices.

    Value proposal: Price leader, volume, new and unique merchandise
    % of 2016 Walmex Sales


    SQ.FT. (average) 76,700
    SKUs 4,500
    Customer target A, B, C+, Bussines
    Cities* 86
    Prototypes 4
    Operating units*
    México 161


  • Supermarkets

    • La despensa de Don Juan
    • La Unión
    • Superpaiz
    • Mas x menos
    • Superama

    Stores located in residential areas.

    Value proposal: Quality, convenience and service
    % of 2016 Walmex Sales 7.2%
    SQ.FT. (average) 16,100
    SKUs 30,000
    Customer target A, B, C+, C
    Cities* 45
    Prototypes 2
    Operating units*
    México 94 
    Central América 94 
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